Monday, 28 September 2009


Just got round to transferring all my old posts from my non horsey blog, so they're all a bit outdated now, so here are some updates for you =)

My arms better now, back to riding normally again. Took blue through some (very) simple gridwork a few weeks back to give him time to get his little racehorse brain around it, and we succesfully went down a very small triple without panicing, knocking down poles or getting our legs in a muddle. I'm working on his leg yield at the moment which is coming on great, our flatwork's really begginning to come together, and I'm almost starting to enjoy dressage! I haven't been able to ride him much recently, too much college work but I'm going to have to do more over the weekend as he's only got a few weeks before he's up for sale.

Me and flyball are working on our issues with spreads (or rather, I am, fly's just going along with it) and I think (hope!) that we're getting there! I put up a double with the second part as a spread and we went down it a few times. I found myself concentrating so hard on my position (I knew my dad was taking photos so I wanted them to look good!) that I relaxed totally over the spread and felt great! I'm so proud of us both!


  1. You have a lovely & effective lower leg. Have you ever learned an auto release? Just following in hand and keeping the line from the bit to elbow straight even over the air. It's not really a release of the reins but rather you would drop you hands to the sides of the neck and your horse stays in direct contact. It's quite effective although (and unfortunately) not taught or used much these days. You look as though you are someone who could effectively use this release and it is a priceless tool in your arsenal on a strategic jumper course. It's rather old school I guess also and that I am! LOL!

  2. Thanks, and nope, never been taught that, always wondered what it means lol! I'll have to try it next time I jump =) My hands have always been rubbish when I jump, I was taught when I first started to bring them back as I jumped to keep the contact, which is always a habit I revert back to when I get nervous! I'm trying everything I can to fix them atm :)