Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Blue update- good news!

Haven't posted on here for a while, been snowed under with college work. Since last post, Blue was sold to a woman who wanted him for a hack, but then was kept on his own and got quite angsty without other horses for company and so came back (minus a lot of condition). He came back at the beginning of last week, and since then has done brilliantly and is looking significantly less ribby than he was. A really lovely lady came to see him last night, decided she liked him and is taking him home tomorrow. I'm a little sad to see him go, but very glad that he's gone to a good home!

I did a dressage competition on him on sunday, he went beautifully. We did two tests, and won both classes, with 72% in one! It's the best I've ever done in dressage so I'm so glad he came back so I could have a few more rides on him :) (I'll try and get some pics up soon!)

I just hope now he does well in his good home, and carries on as well as he's done while he's been here :)