Monday, 28 September 2009

New horse on the yard :)

This is Blue, he's an ex racehorse, and at the yard for a short while to be sold on.

I rode him for the first time the other day, and totally fell in love with him. We just seemed to click with each other almost instantly. (I want to point out here that I don't believe we have a 'speshal magikal connection', he probabaly just likes my style of riding or something) Anyway, I took him into the school with Gemma and her other greenie, with the intention of just jumping a small crosspole a couple of times while she took her horse over a course, as he's never really jumped much, and had never shown any aptitude for it. Well, I cantered him up to the first jump and he absoloutely flew. It took me totally by suprise and he almost jumped me out of the saddle. I think we cleared the 1'6" jump by at least another foot and a half, if not more. After that we decided to try him round the course (about 2'3"/2'6") which was bigger than he'd ever jumped before, with fillers and spreads in it. He went like a total dream and cleared everything by miles, even though he'd never seen a filler before, let alone jumped one. Gemma said that she'd never seen him jump as well as he did that day for anyone, and that he was looking better than ever before. Now I've always wanted to own an ex racehorse and bring it on to have a useful second career. Right now, Blue is still green, so unlikely to find anyone who wants to spend the time with him to make him into the great horse he could be, he's likely to end up as a quiet hack, which would be such a waste. I just wish I could buy him, bring him on a bit and give him a chance to show what he can really do, he's got so much untapped potential at the moment, he just needs someone to channel it. A few photos for you, he's such a handsome boy!

First time ever over 2'9"

First time over a water tray


  1. He's a goldmine in the making and I think you just hit the mother lode of vains! Nice pics. It shows you have a very nice lower leg that horse is a very cute mover it seems. Looks like you could make a few pennies off him! LOL!

  2. Oh by the way, I wanted to say, I'm not stalking you since I commented on all your posts so far. I'm really just an avid blogger and commenter. I love reading about new horses. I'm retired and actually have not a whole lot of things to do when my health is not at ease, so I read, I blog, yada, yada, yada...just wanted to say that! LOL!