Monday, 28 September 2009

My boy =)

I thought I'd start this blog by introducing my horse =)

Fly is an 11 year old gelding, came over from Ireland as a youngster and is your standard, run of the mill non-descript horse. As far as i know he is a thoroughbred x connemara but I haven't got a clue about his breeding. But, he is far more special than his breeding would imply. While he's not a posh well bred expensive horse, he has far more ability than it looks. It really is the best feeling in the world to go into a jumping class full of posh snobby, stuck up girls (of which there are a lot) on expensive horses looking down at my scruffy little horse, and then beat them. He is quite literally my life, and means everything to me. I do everything with him (except dressage, it's not our thing to be honest!). When we're on a good day (more about this later) he's unbeatable in a jump off, and has a huge amount of scope. He's amazing cross country, so bold and can get himself out of anything. We've played gymkhana games, jumped bridleless, jumped as many scary objects/fillers that I can think of to bombproof him (my favourite so far is shiny helium balloons under a fence) and hacked everywhere. He really is one in a million =)

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  1. Just joined your blog and hope to catch up on your posts. I love reading the trials and tribulations of other riders and horses. I also have a great jumper that I just posted about on my blog. He only has one eye and is getting on in years but he sure could rock n roll in the jumper ring back in the day. He still does on occassion but just low things and the occasional medal class. Great pictures on your posts too!